Sample Lesson Plans

As a professor of English, teaching Business Communication, and Critical Writing & Reading, I use my lesson plans to help demonstrate concepts to students in ways they can understand. Not only do I explain concepts to them, but I incorporate elements such as videos and memes to help make the information relevant to them. By including familiar examples, I show them how the concepts we study in the course can be related to their everyday lives–and how they can look for examples of rhetoric in the content they engage with on a daily basis.

Business Communication is a course that teaches students in the Business College to identify the different audiences for business writing and each audience’s individual needs. Students are taught how to write for a variety of audiences in a business setting including the general public, investors, and employees. The course is taught using a variety of teaching materials which I supplement with memes and references from television shows such as The Simpsons to keep students engages as well as show them how to recognize forms of rhetoric happening in the pop culture they engage with on a daily basis.

In teaching Critical Writing & Reading, a foundational course, I begin to outline for students the concept of developing effective rhetoric, and help them build the framework of their academic writing careers. This particular class is taught using the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and students are encouraged to deeply engage in the films–via close watching, performing object analyses, and reading academic articles–to come up with their own thesis for a composition essay. I frame a “thesis” as a response to a fan theory: identify an existing theory and explain what that theory is, and how the author presents and defends it. Then, come up with your own unique perspective in response to the theory, and synthesize your ideas with other’s while incorporating evidence in the form of articles, video clips, and images.

In using the MCU, I make the course interesting and relevant to students and make the experience more enjoyable while instilling in them the basic foundations of academic writing. I incorporate a frequent practice of sharing a poll with students (either in class, or online if the situation calls for it), asking questions such as “Who is the best Spider-Man: Tobey, Andrew, or Tom?” Rather than sharing polls solely for fun, I use the responses I receive as a framework for composing the next week’s lesson plans, and will incorporate students’ input into those plans.

"265 Business Communication: Module 9" in pink font on a dark green background
Module 9 Lesson Plan, Business Communication

The objectives for this week were annotated bibliographies as a genre; composing a Works Cited page; building MLA citations; reading and analyzing a business letter to shareholders; and composing rough drafts.

"Unit 2 Module 5 Concepts" in dark blue lettering on light blue background. A girl sits at a desk with a paper and pen.
Module 5 Lesson Plan, Business Communication
Week 4 Lesson Plan. A meme of Aragon

Week 5 Lesson Plan, Business Communication

A lesson plan for science majors, explaining how to write about their scientific work using Plain Language

Week 4 lesson plan for Critical Writing & Reading II.

The objectives for this week were reading an article to identify an author’s thesis and the conversation to which they are responding; building MLA citations; and article research